Simple Website Review Checklist

Your home page is important because it usually gets most of the views for your website, so it needs the most focus and attention. This quiz help you determine if your home page is accomplishing some of these basic goals.

Simple Website Review Checklist

Customers are ruthless in evaluating your marketing, so if you can’t answer: “Why does this company exist?”, and “why should I care?” in under 8 seconds, you’re likely going to lose visitors!

Do you know your ideal customers age, gender, geography, interests? It’s hard to make something unique without that!

Are users called to an interesting and relevant call to action that they see as an opportunity, not another plea to give up their private information?

Fancy animations or loading bars might be whimsical, but might just annoy a user on a smart phone with poor signal.

People do business with people they trust. You have to work quickly to establish trust and rapport through logos, branding, and testimonials etc to build trust with your visitors.

Similar to #5, when you make high quality content that’s relevant, interesting, and helpful for your target audience, they’re going to trust that you know what you’re talking about and can help them.

While the home page is important and should lead the whole site, the rest of the site (and business) actually has to follow. Otherwise it’s confusing and frustrating for visitors who might even be potential customers!

Need someone to just take care of it?

Know there’s things on this list that need work and you just don’t have the time or care to do it yourself? We can help!